GRUPO GALISIM (hereinafter, the Group), made up of the entities GALISIM, S.L.U., INVERSIONES Y DESARROLLOS ROCABELLA, S.L. and CASANGULAR BY UPPER, S.L., has implemented an Internal Information System (IIS), which integrates the different internal information channels of the organisation and is configured as a fundamental axis for the promotion of the culture of ethical, responsible and sustainable action, with the duty of supervision, control and prevention in matters of regulatory compliance.


The system is the preferred channel and a mandatory tool for diligently channelling communications on breaches and non-compliance with regulations, with total protection for informants, without risk of reprisals and with the necessary protection measures.

The IIS has been designed, configured and managed with the necessary security, confidentiality, data protection and whistleblower protection measures and mechanisms. To this end, we have the collaboration and support of the external expert BONET consulting, which provides high levels of professionalism, experience, independence, confidentiality and compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.

Consequently, the Group has provided the IIS with a series of guarantees, including anonymity/anonymisation, proper recording, conservation and non-alteration of information, prevention of conflicts of interest, protection of the informant and prohibition of reprisals.

For a detailed description of the principles of action and fundamental guarantees that govern the Group’s Internal Information System in accordance with the requirements of the new regulations, please see and access the General Policy of the Internal Information System and Whistleblower Protection.


Information Channels
The Group has set up various internal reporting channels that allow for the submission of communications in written or verbal format. For this purpose, the Group has the configuration, design and support of an external expert in order to provide the highest levels of professionalism, experience, independence, confidentiality, data and informant protection, and other applicable areas for this type of channels. Further information on the technical characteristics of the channels can be found in our Policy. The channels of our IIS are as follows:

Canal On-line/Digital

The Group makes available an on-line tool through which any employee or person related to the Group may submit a written communication through the following link:

This tool has security measures that guarantee the protection of the information, the identity of the informant and the identity of those affected by it, as well as the confidentiality and reserve of the entire process of management and processing of the communication.

Canal Presencial / “Face to face”

Another of the channels that the Group makes available to its employees and those third parties that relate to it is the face-to-face channel, which allows the presentation of verbal communications by means of a face-to-face meeting or by videoconference.

In order to ensure due compliance with the commitments and guarantees set out in our Policy and the regulatory framework applicable to this type of communications, the Group has entrusted this function of managing these communications to the external expert BONET consulting, to guarantee the protection of the identity of the informant both in the process of requesting a prior appointment, in the presentation of a communication in face-to-face format, and in the place where it is made.

BONET professionals are responsible for managing applications to submit communications through this channel, as well as for the collection and storage of all the information provided in the application. As established by Law, these meetings will be documented by means of an anonymised recording, with the prior consent of the informant.

In order to make use of this channel, you must request an appointment through the following contact channels:

Telephone: 911087727  /  930460116

The opening hours for informants are as follows:

Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.


In order to guarantee the necessary protection and security measures for this type of communications, communications submitted directly by telephone or e-mail cannot be made or registered. These two tools are enabled exclusively for coordinating with the technical staff the day, time and place to make the communication in face-to-face format.


Please follow the instructions described above to access and properly use the official channels provided by the Group for the submission of communications and the application of all our necessary security and protection mechanisms.


If you have any doubts or queries regarding the operation of the Group’s Internal Information System, please contact the System Manager at the following e-mail address: